Majority of the world’s population is using Internet, people are interested in dealing with product and services online. The entire off-line and real world is impacted on this online scenarios. In order to stay in the market they are also moving toward virtual online world for buying, selling and conducting their online business. Hence, eCommerce has become crucial in this era.

Online Presence exposed to wide networks

Creating a stunning websites makes your business to be online and exposed to a wide network. Your products and services are visualized by global customers, no matter what corner of the world they are in, or what is the time in their place.

Attracting Online Customers

Advantage of having a website attracts more customers as most of the customers like to get every information or products on comfort of their home. Well designed websites enables you to reach these customers.

Saves Your Time

Your websites manifests the details required by the customer about your product or services. No need of scheduling meeting to demo the products or to explain the services as in case of traditional business module, which requires more time. Simply you can cater to your customer needs by your online presence.

Easy Customer Service

Being online, you can even focus on customer service by using Chat Tools or Chat Bots. If you have customer support team, a well designed chat tool will be a great option or Chat Bots when updated all the information required by Bots to interact with the customer and to respond as per the query.

Connects Customers

Your websites are a great way to connect your customers directly with you. It's not only gets multiple customers to get in touch with you. Customers look for a great website which satisfy their requirements. Also in achieving repeat customers and referrals.

Enhance Your business Trust and Credibility

Who loves to lose their customer. Every business think to increase customers. To achieve the credibility a great website what your customer rely on. Having a stunning website, makes you one of the listed service or product providers.

SAFT data solutions helps you out in setting up a Professional eCommerce website for you. Our eCommerce specialized team fully supports you with backend and frontend support.

An eCommerce website is generally divided into three sections:

Product Catalog

Product Catalog allow you to enter unlimited products. You have option of a main and sub category to add products accordingly. You can enter images (if any), product description and price of the product. Using an Administrator login, you can even add, edit or delete any of the products.

Shopping Cart

Shopping cart allows your customer to select multiple items from your ecommerce website's product catalog. The customer can see the added items in the cart as well as the total cost he needs to pay - all in real-time. Have an option to add/edit/delete products from cart page as well.

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway module allows your customer to pay online using their credit cards, debit cards or Internet banking facilities. You need to select a payment gateway to tie-up with (pay their charges and fees, etc.). We are here to help you out in integrating the cart with the payment gateways you select.

eCommerce Technology we use:



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Professional and Dedicated Team

We have a specialized and dedicated team, who are Professional and well qualified. For a big development project we provide a Project Leader, Developers and Technical team. Our Project lead will constantly get in touch with the customer to get done as per the customer requirement.

24/7 Support

We are available for the support during the development cycle as well as Post-development period. We are available round the clock. Knock us and get the support faster. Customer can feel free to contact our Support and access the best service in hand.

Simplified Payment

We accept payments through Upwork. We divide the Project into small tasks. Create a list of tasks and the cost for the same. Thereby adding milestones based on that. You are free to pay by milestone during the development cycle. Hassle free and no burden of paying the Total project cost at a time.

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