To run an eCommerce business you have to deal with different kind of tasks. It’s not so easy to handle all the task. To be successful in the competitive eCommerce Market, you need to take care of number of business aspects. If you are running your own eCommerce website or you are selling products on a marketplace, there is a huge list of tasks to complete. When you do it yourself all the task, you might lose core business activities.

A remote worker who does eCommerce business related tasks is an eCommerce virtual assistant. eCommerce virtual assistant can do product entry, product attribute data entry, product description writing, product image editing, catalog content management, coupon data entry, product category management, eCommerce back office support and many more.

For many eCommerce business owners eCommerce Virtual assistants is becoming secret weapon for their business growth. You can save lot of time by hiring a virtual eCommerce assistants, wherein you can utilize the same time in planning and executing core business activities.

SAFT is here to help you out in completing these tasks providing cost-effective packages for you by saving your money and time.

Benefits of hiring eCommerce Virtual Assistants

By hiring a virtual eCommerce assistants you can divert your activities to undertake by these assistants thereby you save a plenty of time, which you can use in planning and executing core business activities.
Unlike a regular employee, a virtual eCommerce assistant is not entitled to sick leaves, earned leaves, or any other employment benefit. You will have to pay only for the work that has been completed.
Virtual eCommerce assistants are highly skilled in what they do. This quality of VA's boosts up your productivity
Virtual eCommerce assistants reduce your workload by taking up maximum tasks from you. Thereby helping you to maintain work-life balance.

eCommerce VA Services we offer

Product Research

Our VA's conducts extensive research on winning products for your drop-shipping business. We use latest product research tools to extract Product information from different giant sources - amazon, aliexpress and ebay

Writing Product Descriptions

Our VA's are proficient in writing stunning product descriptions. With extensive research on Products from various sources, we write exclusive descriptions for your products. Hire our VA today and get quality work.

Bulk Product Uploads

Our VA's carry out the procedure of bulk product uploads. We use latest bulk product upload tools. If required to upload csv, our VA's maintain csv in an uploadable format.

Individual Product Entry

Our VA's are proficient in entering individual product details directly to the eCommerce websites - magento, shopify, woocommerce, opencart, ebay, aliexpress or amazon.

Image Creation

Our VA's are proficient in creating stunning product images or images in the description section to define the products in more comprehensive format.

Product Templates

Our VA's are expertize in creating product templates that defines the product fields / columns required and the attributes of the products etc.

Product Category Management

Our VA's are expertise in managing and creating product categories and sub-categories. Also specialized in writing Product category descriptions, sorting and indexing categories.

Meta data and meta descriptions

Our VA's write eye catching meta data and meta descriptions that reflect on your google search. We write briefly meta description by describing all the product qualities.

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