Are you tired with doing repetitive tasks manually. Need an efficient way to do these tasks. Wondering how to achieve!!


SAFT has a team of VBA Professionals who are expertise in automating your repetitive task. Through VBA you can achieve beyond your imagination. Not just automating the repetitive task, but unlimited task you can do using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), which comes along with your Office suite. No need to purchase external expensive software to achieve automation.

Advantages of VBA

Saves Time and Manpower

By Automating your repetitive task using vba in your daily life, you can save a lot of time and manpower. While manually you have to struggle doing the tasks by yourself and wasting a lot of time.

User Friendly System

You can create custom VBA user friendly application, wherein any office user with basic knowledge of ms office can easily interact with the system and get the desired result.

Keeping up with Technology

VBA comes with your Office Apps. You no need to purchase additional tools to automate or to create apps. With powerful tool in your office suite you can use and no need to worry about the Technology changes and upgrades.

Database Integration

Using VBA you can integrate other databases such as sql server, mysql, etc. You can create an app to interact with these databases - extract, delete, append and update the database. VBA app as front end and other databases as backend.

Common Tasks you can proceed with VBA

  1. Automating repetitive task
  2. Formatting of Document or Spreadsheets
  3. Integrating Office Apps (Excel with Word, Word with Excel, Excel with Outlook etc)
  4. Creation of Interactive Dashboard
  5. Bulk Web data scraping
  6. Ms Access database application development
  7. Automating Powerpoint presentation
  8. Sending Bulk Emails through VBA
  9. Meetings / Appointments scheduling
  10. Payroll
  11. Attendance Lists
  12. Sales Analysis
  13. Stock Analysis
  14. OneNote automation
  15. Accounts maintenance
  16. Integrating with other apps
  17. Communicating with other external apps and extracting information
  18. Adobe PDF automation
  19. Stock Market Live Data Visualization
  20. Google Spreadsheet – Google Docs automation
  21. and many more

Lists can grow, endless process you can achieve through vba.


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