Add “Open social links in a new tab” link to functionality


External links are links that point to external websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Opening external links on the same tab often confuses users. Also, browser tabs are great when compared to windows because they are easier for users to manage. These are the main problems of opening external links in the same tab;
? Every time the user goes to an external website they have to hit the back button to go back to your website.
? Once users close that tab they won?t be able to get back to your website without typing your web address in again.
? Slow down user flow.
? Over works both user and the website.
? Provides inaccurate analytics. Just because a user clicks on an external link does not mean they want to leave your site. But your site analytics will show another story. If your external links open in the same tab, it will show that users are leaving your site faster than they actually are.
We can help you ” open social links in a new tab” and get rid of all these redundant issues and make the user experience hassle free.


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